I think about food a lot. I love to eat. I love being totally into the food.

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General Mills Places Blame on Soup and Yogurt.

I just saw a headline that read: “General Mills Places Blame On Soup And Yogurt.” I looked no further. I’m sure there was an article that explained that headline, but who cares? That sentence says everything about life. “General Mills Places Blame On Soup And Yogurt.” Indeed, General Mills. Indeed. Soup and yogurt are to […]

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Chicken, Bacon & Wild Rice Soup

Pinch of Yum is a really great food blog I’ve been following a long time. In addition to their wide range of recipes, Lindsay and Bjork also offer a lot of great advice on topics such as food photography and making an income with your blog. Yesterday I followed their recipe for Chicken Bacon Wild Rice […]

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Will the Real Olive Oil Please Stand Up?

Recipe in a Bottle

img_5152I grew up eating a lot of food cooked in butter, toast covered in butter – it was the oil of my childhood in the South! But in the past few years, especially living in Madrid, I became an olive oil person. I like it for cooking, I like it on toast, I like it for everything.

So as I was reading the book Real Food, Fake Food, I was surprised to find that many of the olive oils are actually a mix of fresh olive oil (the yummy stuff) and a refined, low-flavor, super-stable version of olive oil. Sure, the book calls that fake, but if you read between the intense accusations, it still shakes out that the labeling in this industry is deceptive. This doesn’t mean that every bottle is mislabeled, but Extra Virgin Olive Oils from California, it turns out, actually have a more consistently high…

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Soup for Syria

My friend Brad Hunter is a great “gift giver”. Over the years I have received quite a few from him and they are all among of my favorites. Some folks have that knack. Brad is one of those folks. He recently gave me a “cookbook-for-a-cause”. “Soup for Syria” is not just another cookbook. Many well-known […]

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